GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tools are available to anyone who treats soft tissue pain and injury. Shapes are specific to the contours of the upper and lower extremities. Each tool has four distinctly shaped treatment edges with rounded corners that allow one to treat the entire body. 

The treatment kit includes two tools, the large GOST-2 and the smaller GOST-1. Also included is an ergonomic handle that slides onto either tool. A microfiber carrying pouch is included.

Learn to apply gua sha effectively with Gua Sha; Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction (2008). This 48 page booklet provides theoretical framework, contraindications, and case studies in the context of Western rehabilitation and sports medicine. This booklet is included with purchase of GSO tools.

Gua Sha; Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction can also be purchased separately.

For those new to gua sha, the technique involves applying a smooth edged tool to the skin. "Gua" means "to scrape" and "sha" literally translates as "sand". In this case, "sand" refers to an abnormal texture that one is able to palpate while performing the technique.

GSO tools are designed to conform to muscular and body contours. The edge of the GSO tool is smooth, rounded, comfortable, and offers extremely sensitive palpation for performing traditional gua sha and modern soft tissue mobilization.

What are customers saying about GSO Tools?

"Amazing tools..much easier to use than lids or horns..."

"Excellent tools. Very Quick Shipping. Guide is thorough. Better than jade tools."

"Great tools for a great price. Better than Graston. No kidding. Repeat Customer."

GSO tools stimulate capillary dilation within one minute of treatment. Benefits include increased tissue temperature and improved circulation.

Combine gua sha with gentle stretches to experience a dramatic increase in flexibility. With respect to chronic tendonosis, gua sha is an excellent intervention.

GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tools are currently utilized in clinical settings, classrooms, and professional sports training rooms throughout the world. Feedback from physicians, therapists, trainers, and athletes is available via the eBay link below.

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